Creative biography

Born in November, 1982 (A Dog Year) in Leningrad, Russia. Started to learn playing piano at 6, but after two years dropped out of music school. Began practicing guitar at 14. Played in school band for a couple of years.

Joined BER-LINN at 18. Since 2001 BER-LINN released several albums and did a lot of shows, including live TV perfomances and big open-airs.

Started solo career in 2006 by self-recording and releasing "God Sobaki" ("A Dog Year") album. Since then, Ilya began giving small solo acoustic concerts.

In 2007 "Minimalism" was released — an acoustic experimental album with short instrumental tracks. These tracks were composed for audiobook "Naive! Super", which was recorded by Ilya and posted on the Web with the permission of the author (Erlend Loe).

Also in 2007 were recorded several acoustic performances: live in Olonec, live in Moscow, live in Sevastopol.

In autumn 2007 the video for the song "City" from the forthcoming second album was shot with the support of friends. The album, entitled "Guitar, clock and wallpaper with airplanes" was released in late 2008.

Ilya writes, mixes and arranges songs by himself, as well as collaborating with other musicians. Together with XO'KEY band from Tver the song "Ty ne odin (in Russian)" ("You are not alone") was recorded, together with Anya "Basya" from Moscow' band "Achtung!Babies" the song "Do svidaniya" ("Goodbye") was made.

Together with Ilya Smilga the "Orlov & Smilga Show (in Russian)" podcasts are recorded, giving a new breath to well-known fairy tales and songs.

Currently, Ilya keeps doing creative work, plays live concerts with BER-LINN and solo.


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