Minimalism (2007)

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I encourage you to use songs from this album for your creative projects, home-made videos, podcasts and any other non-commercial purposes, where they can help you create or emphasize the mood. The musical mood of «Minimalism» is lyrical and quiet, although there are different tints of emotions.

I gave a name to every composition, tried to find the theme or situation to which they, in my opinion, may be an illustration. I'll be glad if your imagination finds new images to these compositions.

Sincerely yours, Ilya Orlov


1. Promenade
2. Side street
3. Ball
4. Dog
5. Uncertainty
6. Shadow
7. Street
8. Rain
9. Lateness
10. Crows
11. Failure
12. Thinking
13. Drops
14. Burning
15. Midnight
16. Before sleep
17. Memory
18. Sunrise
19. Morning
20. Love
21. Further


Erlend Loe, who encouraged me with his book to record the audio version of "Naive. Super". It was an interesting experience and great work, which resulted also as this album release.
My parents and sister for support and care.
All relatives and friends far away for your interest in my work.

Recorded in 2006 - 2007 in St. Petersburg.
Guitars, keyboards, recording, mixing, mastering — Ilya Orlov
Composer — Ilya Orlov

Recordings # 3, 8, 10, 14, 18, 21 made in St. Petersburg, Olonets, Gostilitsy.


Album "Minimalism" is available for free download and distribute unaltered, retaining ID3-tags, and with reference to the album page If you are using it in a non-profit projects, it is desirable to indicate authorship. Any commercial use without permission is prohibited. For all other issues please contact


Album design — Pavel Yolshin

Print-manager: Sasha Kovaleva


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